@ Billboard: AT&T’s Jim Ryan, Disney’s Larry Shapiro Square Off


The Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live at CTIA kicked off with a keynote by MTVN’s Greg Clayman (more on that in a bit). Now going on: an energetic staged showdown between the producer — Larry Shapiro, EVP, Business Development & Operations, WDIG — and the distributor — Jim Ryan, VP, Consumer Data Products, Cingular/AT&T, deftly moderated by Tom Wheeler, Managing Director, Core Capital Partners.
— Shapiro kicked it off with an explanation of what the content side is like. Not new but the point is made: imagine negotiating with Comcast over the pilot for Lost, then producing it for 300-plus different TV sets.
— Ryan: We’re doing ok but it’s not “excessive margins.” His point: the carriers have invested in the infrastructure — and they do all the back end. The carriers “take care of the ecosystem.”
— Shapiro: “You are definitely entitled to a fair return … We wouldn

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