Top 10 Must-have Firefox Extensions from Lifehacker

Thanks to Gina and the others at Lifehacker for rounding up their top 10 Firefox extensions. But they put them all on separate pages! Here’s their list in easy-to-read format with my own brief descriptions. For more detail, check out Lifehacker’s gallery and their comments, where you’ll get a bunch of other ideas for ways to customize Firefox for your own workflow and needs.

1. Foxmarks bookmarks synchronizer. Syncs your bookmarks across multiple computers by copying them to its servers (or your own server).

2. Adblock advertising blocker. Eliminates images, iframes, flash movies and other ads using your customized configuration based on URLs and wildcards.

3. DownThemAll! download manager. Try this instead of Firefox’s built-in download tool.

4. Tab Mix Plus tab manager. Allows stacking of rows of tabs, permatabs, merging windows of tabs, and renaming tabs.

5. ScrapBook web clippings library. Clip, store, and annotate snippets of web pages or entire web pages.

6. Greasemonkey web page customizer. Runs JavaScript by URL to make web pages work the way YOU want instead of how the web page designer and developer thought you wanted.

7. FireFTP FTP client. Conveniently transfer files between an FTP server and your computer.

8. Firebug web development tool. Lets you see what’s happening on a web page while it’s running — only for web developers, really, but a must-have tool for them.

9. CustomizeGoogle Google enhancer. Enhances search results and removes ads, adds links to the WayBack Machine Internet archive, hides the GMail spam count (who needs to know how much spam they have?), and other niceties.

10. AutoCopy clipboard helper. Transfers text to the clipboard right after you highlight it.

Personally, I love Performancing for writing blog post drafts and Zotero for gathering and organizing information about whatever I’m researching. I also like the Bookmarks extension from Yahoo.

What’s your favorite Firefox add on?


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