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NPD: PS3 Selling "Slightly Faster" Than 360 Did at the Same Stage in Its Release

According to Digital Spy, market research firm NPD says the PS3 is selling marginally better in its first four months than the 360 did for the same period. “Figures show that the PS3 is selling slightly faster in the US than the Xbox 360 did at the same stage in its release,” an NPD spokesman told the UK publication. The news comes amid a lackluster PS3 launch across most of Europe last week.

It should be noted that significant production shortages plagued the 360 in its first few months to market, but the numbers do put early PS3 sales into context. Most consoles struggle during the initial launch period due to a shortage of games and the tail-end success of legacy systems. But the case by some analysts that both next-gen systems are under-performing may have some added validity.

Still, Sony must ultimately prove that their system is worth the $200 premium over Microsoft’s comparable 360. Giga has contacted NPD for comment and will update as soon as we know more.


12 Responses to “NPD: PS3 Selling "Slightly Faster" Than 360 Did at the Same Stage in Its Release”

  1. I think the 360 will probably win the “console war” because its cheaper and it has so much to offer. Having spoken to game fanatic friends they seem to prefer it!