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Leopard not delayed until October

Apple has denied the rumors of Leopard being delayed until sometime in October, according to Jupiter Research Analyst Michael Gartenberg.

Just spoke with Apple who confirmed the reports are wrong and Leopard is still scheduled to ship in this spring as they previously announced. The rumor mill is wrong again.

Is Leopard Delayed? Nope, not according to Apple

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, who passed on the rumor his blog at Business 2.0, has now apologized for spreading it.

I regret having played a part in broadcasting the Digitimes report and have issued a correction.

Apple: Leopard Still On Schedule

He also links to a score card by Arnold Kim noting that the originator of the rumor, Digitimes, has a terrible track record when it comes to Apple rumors: Out of the last 14 it’s started, only one has turned out to be (partially) true and 10 have been flat-out wrong.’s Poor Apple Rumor Accuracy

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