Genius Scheduling Opens Up

If you’ve ever used the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store, you’ve used their Concierge Service. You can sign up from from anywhere (not just within the store itself) for a convenient time that day and then head on in at your leisure. Works well enough and is definitely nice to walk in and sit down to the undivided attention of a Genius.

Well a couple days ago it seems the rules have changed a bit. Now you can schedule any appointment at the Apple Store up to 2 days out! No more being stuck to the available times the day of, you can choose a good time for you in the next couple of days in case that works better. This is a really nice change, which I believe is only a couple of days old.

The above is as a Guest. Where the login page used to say Guest and ProCare, it now refers to Membership in place of ProCare. I’m not sure why they may be changing the verbiage, but if you’ve got any insight, fill us in!

In the meantime, if you need a Genius or any other appointment at your local store, they’re now more flexible than ever – take advantage!


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