NewTeeVee Gets a New Look


Welcome to the brand-new NewTeeVee!

Three months ago we started this project with little more than an orange-tinged GigaOM design and an imperative to create ‘the Variety of online video.’ We had high hopes but also quite a bit of doubt about whether we could attract a community of readers. Though we loved every minute of it, it took us a little time to get comfortable in our own skin.

Today, we launch a new skin for the site, hoping to bring a little more spark to our page. Using your feedback, our wildest dreams, and the formidable skills of designer Nicolò Volpato (who previously impressed us with his stylish take on Om’s personal blog), we tried to reflect the visual nature of the topics we cover. RSS readers, we hope you’ll click through for this one.

We were also fortunate to have the able assistance of Spencer Miles and Mark Hall of Remixation and vod:pod, who helped us with the core concept of bringing video to the forefront of the site.

Last but not least, we welcome two new contributors: film critic Karina Longworth, who will be writing a weekly review of an online video show, clip, or movie, and Craig Rubens, who will be helping out with news items and occasionally lending us his film making/video-blogging chops. Look for their first posts next week.


Stuart Gannes

Just saw this after two days off-line. Fantastic. Orange does bring spark to the page. Posts already had it, even in Google Reader.


hey guys, I’m an RSS reader so I actually can’t remember how the site looked before but it looks very good now. One thing, the white boxes for the posts and comments don’t look that good. too much contrast between the white background and the site background (almost black). I would make the white a bit darker and give them round corners and a visible frame. Just like the design for GigaOM.

Liz Gannes

Thanks guys!

Agree with you about the font (and also the type spacing), Sickr. We are going to try to play around with that.


Very nice, and a huge congrats to the designer.

My only gripe would be that I’m not too sure about either the font or the font-size.

Overall a nice re-design.

Jim Long

Clean, neat, video-centric…very smart! Om, I wish I’d been able to catch up with you at VON to interview you for my show…next time.

Mark Schoneveld

Thanks, Spencer! I was just talking to Lance Weiler the other day about VodPod future developments, and I’m excited to see more!

Spencer Miles

Hey Mark – we’ll be releasing some documentation in a few weeks on how to setup a custom widget like the one on Newteevee (you’ll be able to CSS it to your heart’s content). In the meantime, we also have a cool sidebar widget that you might like.


wowow. very nice! i feel bad that i mostly read this via rss. i will now be clicking through more often i think.


About those text ads – well we ran out of our proper banners and are defaulting to the back-up ads: google text ads, but hopefully it will all be resolved on Monday.

sorry about that, but we just wanted to get it out of the way asap.

Mark Schoneveld

Congrats! Nice colors! Is VodPod powering that video menu? I love it! I want a widget like that! Text ads at the top aren’t the prettiest. But I suppose they pay the bills, huh?

Liz Gannes

Thanks Rushi and Marshall! We are going to be making tweaks soon so we really appreciate the specific feedback.

Liz Gannes

Don’t forget about the thief who nabbed the only other two old-school NewTeeVee tees in existence. Now it’ll be even more obvious who it is!

Rushi Vishavadia

I just wrote a post about how I was impressed with Om’s personal blog… this design is even better! My compliments to the designer!

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