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Lost the right click on a Q1? Get it back

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Autoright_clickWhat’s the first thing you usually do with a new device? I do what many others do: I start looking at all the cool settings to see what I can tweak! That’s what a new Q1P owner from the UK did as well, and is often the case, a setting got hosed:

"I’ve been messing around with my new toy, and I’m pretty sure tap and hold worked as right click earlier today, and now it has gone. No idea what I have done. The tablet settings in the control panel suggest it should be turned on."

If the Tablet PC settings are right, then what could be preventing the right click function on the Samsung Q1?

I took a stab at that one and wanted to share the info in case you end up with the same issue. If the Tablet PC settings are correct, it’s likely the third-party software related to the touchscreen, specifically, the "Auto Right Click" setting in the Touch Screen utility. Look for it in your system tray and double-click it to open. Click the setting tab and then tap the Option button. See if the "Enable AutoRight Click" box is checked. You want it checked for tap and hold.

While some folks may not use it, I find the tap and hold right-click method to be invaluable. Don’t forget that you can set the time length for the hold as well. In the same utility, look for the "Auto Right Click Time" on the same screen. Heh, that reminds me of the "Sleep Number" commercials….what’s your Auto Right Click Number? I’m a "400"….milliseconds that is.


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