UK Online Upgrades: Sky; and Reuters Websites


The season of website and service upgrades in UK:
— Sky says it will do a massive overhaul of its digital offer. The new portal, possibly launching this summer, will put ina lot of NEws Corp content, and will be going head to head with competitors MSN, Yahoo, Virgin Media and AOL, the story says.
— Financial Times’ website, pretty crappy even after the redesign in 2002, will go through a new round of redesign. NMA does a suck up: “The paper’s parent company Pearson has sanctioned a thorough redesign of the hugely successful website. It’s understood that this will be the biggest change since the last, widely praised redesign in 2002.” “Hugely successful” and “widely praised”, says the “award-winning” journalist. Wow.
— Reuters is investing in excess of $11 million in upgrading the underlying technology platform supporting its sites. The move is to enable the company to better embrace Web 2.0 features like video, blogs, and social networking. Full migration of the Reuters US and UK homepages and news channels to the new platform will take place over the next few months, with other global sites to follow.

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