Player X and Sky Spending Serious Cash On Mind Aerobics

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Player X, a mobile media company, and Sky, UK based entertainment company, have partnered to produce Carol Vorderman’s Mind Aerobics. That may not be all that interesting on its own, but, according to Mobile Industry, the fact that the company has allotted a six-figure marketing budget to the game may be a touch more intriguing. So, what is Mind Aerobics and why exactly should anyone care enough about it to spend that much money?

First, for those who don’t know, Carol Vorderman is a popular British game show host, who also hosts Mind Aerobics. Mind Aerobics is a “brain-trainer” type of game that is used to sharpen memory and limber the mind. After the strange success of Nintendo’s brain game, Brain Age, it’s not surprising that anyone would want to get some of that action. With versions of the game planned for PC, mobile and on TV (Sky Television, to be exact), there’s a lot of advertising ground to cover.

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