Kohjinsha SA-1: is it right for you?

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Sa1_2OK, let’s get my mug off of the front page with some posts here; thanks for all the well wishes by the way, BUT it’s back to work time. That’s just what ThoughtFix did: he got to work on a Kohjinsha SA-1 review and I love the summary at the end. I won’t ruin it, but he took his experiences with the small portable computer and summarized what type of user it’s for and what type it’s not: very useful.

There’s definitely some performance trade-offs in the $1,000 device: the SA-1 struggled with some Flash vids; in fact DVD-watching suffered from frame rate degradation as well. While the device does have a keyboard, it sounds like it’s not for all-day typing. Then again, the trade-off here might be what you’re looking for: it’s small and portable, works well for browsing and light typing, and has solid battery life. Is it for you? Check out the review and find out.

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Thanks for sharing this. Don’t forget to Email me when you and Barb register :) I have something in mind…

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