Apple TV and Old TVs – A Possible Hack

Apple TV + Adapters?The new Apple TV is shipping and you really, really want one. You think this is perfect for your old television, but then you realize you don’t have an HDMI or component input. But you really, really want one. How do you make this work?

Fear not, trusty readers. I have a theoretical solution.

If you’ve got standard composite inputs (the yellow, red and white ones) you can pick up a male HDMI to female DVI adapter for about $30 at Ram Electronics. Then you can get an Apple DVI to Video Adapter for another $20 from the Apple online store. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter works with Mac minis, so maybe it will work with the Apple TV.

Then you get yourself some composite cable — attach your HDMI to DVI adapter to your Apple TV, then attach your Apple DVI to Video adapter to that, attach a video cable to your DVI to Video adapter. Then hook up the audio to the audio jacks and you should be all set. If you’ve got a super-old television without composite inputs, you could pick up an RF modulator for about $20 at Radio Shack.

Does this actually work?  I don’t know because I don’t have an AppleTV.  Anyone want to try this?


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