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Travelocity Launches India Portal; To Focus On Hotel Rooms

Travel portal Travelocity has launched its India website ( But the portal will focus on hotel bookings than air ticketing for now. It currently has on offer a choice of 72,000 hotels, 1000 cruises and over 4000 sights, tours and activities. Travelocity plans to promote the portal via search engine marketing and also by advertising through the mainstream media.
“We are bringing some clever marketing practices to this part of the world. There are alot of travel portals in the market but they merely put up plain content online. We however, will stand behind our customers and give them quality service,” Scot Blume, CEO, Travelocity, is quoted as saying.
The launch of international travel portals like Travelocity was much-awaited in India. Now Expedia‘s entry is expected later this year.

8 Responses to “Travelocity Launches India Portal; To Focus On Hotel Rooms”

  1. i dont think the priority is international. Everyones woken upto the fact that accommodation is where the "big play" is going to come in and there is substantial focus on the Indian domestic market. I have never had difficulty finding hotels to places i visit ….

  2. It is not like that OTA's are not approaching online booking strategy.
    If u see big palyers in the market MMT anf Yatra are doing good.
    Where as hotels section Travelguru is best. About Matheran if you search you will get more bookalbe options online than any other portal. Rest all India there growth is quite good.
    Travelocity will require more strength to attain the market demand.
    Lets watch where all this OTA lands up….

  3. It is easy said done, but the fact is "how to cover entire India"? It is not that simple which anyone can think.

    I do believe that the revenue model is through booking room nights.

    I have a model ready which will work in listing over 100,000 hotels from 300 destinations in India.

    We can discuss further depending your seriousness on the matter.

  4. The focus on hotels by travelocity is something, which can be expected.Hotels have a greater margin on commission.I do not know the exact figures, but it comes close to 20%.Thats huge, if you look at air fares which is at about 5%.
    travelguru, which is not doing good,expectedly, also is focusing on the online hotel booking sector in India.Lets see what the industry holds for us which is poised to grow to 10 times by 2010, considering the current market which is close to 250 mn USD.

  5. Abs Chow

    Most of the foriegn online travel agents in India are only catering to the international travel segment. The real growth will come with domestic bookings coming into play. But you make a good point – the supply side of the equation is somewhat lacking in terms of good hotel options. But I have to think that is going to improve.

    I have seen predictions that see the market to be as big as $2B by 2008.

  6. The online travel space gets more interesting by the day….so many OTAs….so few buyers??

    Still find it hard to get a hotel room though. Especially outside of the top 10-15 cities.

    Most top tourist destinations are also not well covered. Try finding a hotel in Matheran. Most will give you no options. If there are, no more than 2-3.

    If there are options, then you cannot book them online!!

    Still a long way to go for online booking…