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AT&T IPTV Service To Go Online As Well; Extension of MobiTV Deal

AT&T’s U-verse IPTV service will now allow subscribers to watch live programming on their PCs. The AT&T-branded MobiTV package (it already has a prior deal with mobile TV provider MobiTV) is called U-verse OnTheGo…subscribers who opt into the OnTheGo deal can watch U-verse TV online. Live channels in the deal include Fox News, The Weather Channel and Bloomberg.
It has 30 channels and requires IPTV subscription, of course, and it costs an extra $10 per month in addition to the cost of a U-verse package. AT&T said there are plans to bring the OnTheGo programming to mobile phones via AT&T’s wireless service.
This is just an extension of its open-Web AT&T broadband TV service it launched in Sept last year…this way IPTV subscribers get a $10 discount.