The Macification of JK draws nigh


The MacBook Pro has been shipped and is wending its way to Mobile Tech Manor as we speak.  I find it interesting that Apple drop ships it direct to me from China so hopefully this MBP will never ever see Cupertino.  I spent some time tonight cleaning up Mobile Tech Manor as per the buyer’s contract I had to sign to purchase the Mac. 

Mac is getting closer



Kevin: thanks for your response. This is why I’ve been leaning toward a new desktop for the moment, and then replacing my home laptop later this year/next year. If I get the “core capacity” updated, then I can add the fun stuff later. By the same reckoning, though, if I put some sort of NAS device on our network that’s in an always available state, then there would be no reason not to consider a high end laptop for my computing tasks. Trouble is, the darned NAS devices seem pretty expensive for what they are, so maybe the desktop makes more sense . . .

Decisions, decisions! I think I need to hire you or James to give my life a complete technology review ;-). I read all of your blog posts about all these fun tools that you’re using, but my problem is that I don’t have the time to devote to making the best use of things I already have and learning the new technologies, e.g. trying a Macbook. Seems that technology challenges abound at the moment no matter what one tries, between your problems and what I’m reading at GottaBeMobile!


You’re going to love the Mac, James. I’ve had an Intel iMac since early December and have loved it since Day 1. Although I have XP Pro running on a 32MB partition on it, using BootCamp, I have little need to actually Use Windows anymore. Not that I have anything against XP, and I do still like Outlook, but the Mac is what I use by far the most.

By the way, I’ve started a blog (see URL associated with my sign-in) and a recent post talks about my use of Missing Sync to keep iCal, Outlook, and my Pocket PC in sync. You may want to check it out. Also, I’ve posted a few of my original guitar recordings on the site, and you may want to grab a tune or two. My hunch is that you will really like a couple of them.

Best wishes with the Mac. You’re going to love it and there will be no doubt in your mind that QuickSilver is the slickest app around. Even if you use it for nothing but app launching (and it’s far more powerful than that), you’ll still swear that you’ve got have it.

Take care.

BTW, glad to see how blog has grown so much over the past couple of years. It’s clear that you, and Kevin (and Marc) have put a lot into it.

Kevin C. Tofel

Cathy, I currently have a homebrew WMCE desktop running XP and Vista; since it has the largest storage capacity, I store data there via my home network. In a pinch I also use a USB external hard drive that I recycled out of an old notebook drive and a drive enclosure. I actually carry my most important items on that portable drive everywhere I go.

In the end, I suspect a Windows Home Server setup will take the place of the above.

Ed Valis

Good Luck James!

From Engadget:
Swollen batteries affecting 17-inch MacBook Pros too?
Engadget —
Filed under: Laptops

The engorged battery photos you see above and in the gallery below were sent to us by a reader named Brian. He claims that he was watching a movie on his 17-inch MacBook Pro (core duo) when it suddenly shut off. This happened twice before, only this time with a notable difference: his battery was fit to burst. As we have all learned, swelling is typically the final stage before explosion. We’ve held off on publishing these bloated 17-inch MBP battery stories for a few months now, but this is about the fourth unique case we’ve come across which could be a sign of a worrisome trend. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Apple had to recall batteries. So what’s up, anyone else out there experiencing battery bloat on their 17-inch MBP?

Gallery: Swollen batteries affecting 17-inch MacBook Pros too?

[Thanks, Brian M.]

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Tyler Arnold

Yay Alaska! Just think James, I’m physically closer to your Macbook Pro then you are! Very cool…


JK: I’ve been going through a similar analysis of what to do re: my outdated home system and whether to buy a new desktop or go with a laptop (and docking station, possibly). Do you have some sort of central storage on your home network, or will you just use one or more external hard drives to archive/backup? I’d prefer a laptop too, but can see the utility of a central storage solution of some sort.

TIA for sharing any thoughts you may have. Kevin, feel free to chime in too – you must have thought through the same issues with your UMPC.

Davey A in the UK (soon to be Canada I hope)

Hope you enjoy, looking forward to seeing your comments and blogs on useing it.
Mine came on Saturday & im still trying to work my way around it after using a PC for years. Up to now im impressed but my pocket PC (tosh e800)is feeling a little abandoned, so im trying to find the best way for them to interact.
Keep glancing out the window in case that delivery truck arrives, then you will have that impressive Mac straight out of the box user experience.

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