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The Filter: Instant Playlists for iTunes

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The Filter
The Filter, an ‘instant playlist generator plugin for iTunes’, just launched today. This little plugin, backed by Peter Gabriel, is a great way to build playlists of music on the fly.

The Filter
You can create playlists in a number of ways, but what seems the most intuitive and accurate for me is selecting a few songs that you’re in the “mood” for and then hitting the “F” on The Filter. The Filter then immediately creates a playlist for you with around two dozen songs based on factors such as your listening habits and the listening habits of other users.

This thing is freakishly good at creating playlists you’d like. I’m not kidding.

Setup was a bit clunky at first and it still seems to have a couple of moments where it feels slow, but otherwise this really is one of my favorite new gadgets for consuming music.

Be sure to check out the screencast that covers a lot of the functionality of it.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

13 Responses to “The Filter: Instant Playlists for iTunes”

  1. tunesfan

    MoodShuffle from solves the problem of trying to figure out what you are in the mood for. You just run it and it starts playing songs. It quickly figures out what mood you are in and plays songs accordingly. Very cool. Also free. Both for Mac and Windows.

    My biggest problem was figuring out which songs I was wanting to hear for a fairly short listening session. If I knew what I wanted to hear, I could pick the song, or make the appropriate playlist. With random shuffle, I find myself repeatedly having to skip songs that I am not in the mood for. MoodShuffle solves both those problems!

  2. Barry_Gibb

    How big is your iTunes? Not wishing to boast, but mine is almost as big as my teeth. 10,000 tracks. Lots of Genesis, Peter Gabriel, ELO, Meatloaf etc. and wow this has helped me find the perfect playlist for this music. I can now invite all these guys over and let them hear this beautiful rich mix of music. Just need to make sure Tony Blair isn’t staying over – don’t think they all get on very well. I’d recommend the software though.

    Right, off to clean my teeth now.

  3. I would love to see a review and comparison of Filter and the MusicIP Mixer. I’ve been using MusicIP for a good while now. The GUI is not as nice as Filter, but I love the mixes I’m getting from it. I’ve downloaded Filter, but can’t seem to pull myself away from MusicIP. If I had the time, I’d write the review myself. Plus, you guys are so darn good at those kind of things.

  4. divigation

    Funny that this review is followed by Nick’s article on why Mac Apps rock. The Filter feels and acts as if it is a Windows app that was ported to Mac. The setup is asinine and problematic. The program is clunky. What it does it appears to do well and I think it will be well used on my machine. But it is poorly designed and implemented. Hopefully that will change as it grows out of Beta.

  5. I always thought iTunes should include a filter bar where you choose and Album Artist from a drop-down list and then a second list allows you to limit the tracks to a certain rating, for example. I was delighted to see that Aperture provides a similar feature for finding photos.