Pulver, Network2 Announce $25K Winner


Once upon a time, commercial advertisers hired an agency to develop a concept, which was then contracted out to a production company and aired on networks. Then they had to buy the airtime. Jeff Pulver just got dozens and dozens of finished advertising spots along with their associated show audiences for only $50,000 — a serious bargain for both the production and the buy. All just by calling it a contest! Still, that’s real money, so congrats to Mike Ambs of Caliblog for winning the Network2 “How to Watch Internet TV,” contest with “Friend #1 & #2.”

Chuck Olsen got $10,000 for his second place spot, and Jay Moonah $5,000 for a third place effort. The ever-magnanimous Pulver also plans to hand out ten $1,000 checks to the honorable mention entries (including Galacticast’s hilarious sendup of the current Apple campaign). To see who was robbed, robbed I tell ya, check out some more of the entries.


Jim Long

Jeff also generously gave the runner-ups $1000!! Here’s my entry.. Hat’s off to him for everthing he does to build this community.

Andre Sala

All of these spots are terrific.

I’m still chuckling about Chuck’s cat(mooki)’s paws typing.

Bravo Pulver/Network2.tv for pulling this off.

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