Newsgator Online gets AJAX-y; good but could be better


Newsgator_onlineSpeaking of RSS readers, it’s too bad that Newsgator didn’t get an AJAX update until this week; it was my main RSS reader until I gave Google Reader a try. Still, it is much improved; I could see that after just a few minutes of using it last night on a UMPC. It’s technically a beta web service, but I encountered no issues when reading my feeds. The updates were relatively quick as I moved from feed to feed and there are keyboard shortcuts for speed navigation. I hope those shortcut keys change; having them next to each other makes more sense from a usability standpoint to me.

The one big selling point (of the free service, heh) is that it does synchronize with other NewsGator clients. For folks with multiple devices, this is a must; if you’re already invested in a NewsGator RSS client, the new online beta is definitely a nice complement for feed-reading.

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