Namco Brings KDDI to the States


According to Mobile Industry, Japanese mobile phone service provider, KDDI, has signed a deal with Namco to bring its collection of titles to the United States. KDDI, which has a fairly sizable catalog of games available in Japan, covering multiple genres, doesn’t have a presence in the U.S. at all. Namco will be partnered with KDDI in an attempt to give them leverage in the American market. Will the company’s titles, which are popular in Japan, be able to make a splash in the West? Namco and KDDI certainly hope so.

The biggest part of this deal seems to be the desire for quality localisation of games that KDDI and Namco believe will sell well in the States. Though there is a cultural difference, not only in games, good games are good games. If something is wildly popular in Japan, and it isn’t too specific to the culture, then it should also go over well here. This deal also offers a unique opportunity to smaller developers that may not have the weight to get published here. Whether KDDI takes off here or not, it’s always good to have more games.

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