Mobile RSS reader roundup- avoid the “feeding frenzy”


I have been using Google Reader as my sole RSS feed aggregator for some time now and one of the reasons it works so well for me is the mobile version.  I follow so many feeds that if I get really busy and don’t get to check them regularly they pile up so high I have to go into a “feeding frenzy”.  Google Reader mobile works so well I can easily check the feeds from my T-Mobile Dash and keep on top of them before they keep on top of me.  Web Worker Daily has written a good article that looks at the major feed readers that have mobile versions for those of us on the go.  It’s a very helpful comparison of the likes of Google Reader, Bloglines and NewsGator, among others.  If you’re not happy with your mobile feed reader check out the article and pick a new one.  Feeding frenzies are so messy.

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