Goplan Project Management, a Basecamp Competitor


Goplan logoManaging projects successfully is a challenge for any organization. There are plenty of online tools on the market today that do this, but only one that has been doing it with much mind share, Basecamp. Could the newly launched Goplan step in and steal some market share from 37signals?

Goplan has been in development for some time now from the team at webreakstuff. The initial application was built because the team needed a way that they could stay on top of projects and didn’t think that the solutions on the market were scalable enough. This launch signifies the design and development company’s first foray into the online application environment.

Goplan screen captureGoplan, like Basecamp, is an online project management tool. It offers teams a secure location where they can collaborate on tasks, manage files, chat, and a place to build a centralized online calendar. Users can choose which features to activate for each project, ensuring an unclutted environment in the user interface. With Goplan sitting atop of Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and their S3 (Simple Storage Service), we are sure to see some extreme uptime numbers when this thing really gets rolling with users.

Goplan’s additional feature list includes:

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Manage task lists
  • Control issues with issue tracking
  • Publish public facing project news
  • Synchronize everyone with a calendar
  • Chat real-time with project members
  • Control who sees what and how
  • Store project-related files safely
  • High-grade encrypted connection
  • Hosted, always-on application

Goplan pricing starts with a free version that allows for 2 projects, and 5MB of storage. A personal account offers 12 projects and 100MB of storage for $10/month. Then there is the mother of all, an unlimited plan for $100/month with unlimited projects and 8GB of storage. The prices and offerings are pretty comparable to what Basecamp offers, with Basecamp hitting 20GB of data at $149/month for an unlimited option.



We’ve been using FreeTime for about a year now and it does everything we need. Tracks time on projects, lets us put in estimates and deadlines and generates reports so we can see how we are going. My favourite thing is the widget that you install on your computer so you don’t even have to use your browser to enter times on jobs.

Mark Phillips

A ton of people use Vertabase for their project management software.

Allows unlimited number of projects, great total company views on projects and resources as well as collaborative document management and time tracking.

There’s a free trial on the site at

Natalija Trajchevska

Check out, an online project management tool that provides all-in-one functionality: managing projects and tasks, time management, issue tracking system and increased team collaboration through wikis. is a web-based solution that offers basic project management functionality and enhanced collaboration for its users and their teams. It is completely free of charge and can be used after the one-step registration has been completed. With, individuals and teams can create projects and tasks, can assign tasks to project members, can track time, expenses and issues and can use wikis to boost collaboration and knowledge sharing.


As much as some people hate basecamp, ActionThis is still an inferior product.

Jochen Lillich

Excuse me — what about the initial question: “Could the newly launched Goplan step in and steal some market share from 37signals?” Shouldn’t there be a try at an answer after listing the product features?

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