Daily Feeding: Hide Stuff in Plain Site

A while back I started Daily Feeding, which was meant to be tips on regular tasks you might need to perform on your Mac. I’ve got the wheels turning again, and am trying to re-up that segment.

Today’s Daily Feeding has to do with hiding files that you might want to keep private. (I’m thinking tax & financial docs, files with your ssn, etc…but use it for whatever you need I guess.) There’s a pretty easy way you can do it without any extra apps or hacks or anything like that. All you need is the Terminal.

If you put a period in front of a file or folder, the Finder will not show it. However, from the Terminal, running the command, ls -al will show all hidden files and folders. They’re still there and accessible.

If you don’t like using the Terminal, there’s a freeware app from Altomac, called Hide Folders. When you launch it, a sort of Finder-esque window opens. You simply drag your files or folders into Hide Folders and click the ‘Hide’ button. When you want to view your files again, just click the ‘Unhide’ button. Simple and clean.

Of course if you’ve used one of those 3rd party programs that allows you to show hidden files, these tips may not work for you. But hopefully this gives you a quick and simple way to put things out of plain site of prying eyes.


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