Asus R2H arrives in Mobile Tech Manor


Asus R2H 013I am extremely fortunate to have in my hands (literally) a sleek Asus R2H UMPC running Windows Vista Ultimate.  The Asus is fully tricked out with GPS, web cam and fingerprint reader, and it runs very snappily with the 1 GB of memory I added before booting it up the first time.  I am very impressed with how well suited Vista is on the UMPC platform, and the new Origami Experience is very sweet indeed.  I’m going to be testing quite a wide range of software on the Asus to see how well various programs run on Vista so it will be fun.  I can’t wait to try out the integrated GPS and the web cam. You will find some photos of the Asus after the jump, and if you’re wondering just how small the Fujitsu P1610 really is take a look at the photo that shows it side by side with the Asus.

Asus R2H 010 Asus R2H 019

NOTE: I need to to figure out why my blogging software is darkening these photos. They looked great until inserted into the post.



I have install vista ultimate on my R2h along with the 1 gig memory. I cannot for the life of me get the GPS and CAM to work. Can you please xplain to me (not very computer savvy. I bought this with the intentions of using both of these for my deployment to Iraq, and now can’t get them to work, and I leave in 2 weeks. Thank you. Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


What happened to the R2H we haven’t heard a review. Those of us who are still trying to decide between the Q1P, Q1U, or R2H would like to know your thoughts on the Asus. How about a video or something on MobileTechRoundup.


yes–was it vista pre-installed? Do you have any info on availability of that unit? Tell us more about what you think about it.

Don't Panic!

Thanks for the comparison photo. I’ll definitelty be sticking with UMPC devices after seeing it.


How exciting ! I look forward to your reviews, since this is the UMPC I am considering. Did it come with Vista, or did you install it ?

James Kendrick

dr z, I have never had the OQO model 02 in my possession so I can’t review it. If you want to give them a call on my behalf and arrange one I wouldn’t mind. :)

dr z

Do you still have the OQO model 02? Could you take a side-by-side comparison shot of the Asus with the OQO too? Those two devices would be more direct competitors having the same screen resolution, in my opinion. Any word on how the OQO review is coming along? Still waiting for some benchmarks! Flipstart benchmarks are posted on, I want to see the comparison! :)

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