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Online Ad Firm Eyeblaster Gets $30 Million Funding

Yep, a big round of funding for a company which was supposed to have been bought out a while ago: Eyeblaster, the online rich media ad format company, has received a $30 million round, from a small group of seasoned technology and private equity investors..interestingly no venture funds were involved.
The company says it has been profitable every year since 2002, has seen its revenues grow at a faster rate than the industry.
Globes: BRM Capital managing director Eli Barkat and Koor Industries chairman Jonathan Kolber led the round, in their first collaboration. They were joined by Shlomo Dovrat, Harel Beit-On, Nir Barkat (Eli Barkat’s brother), and Yuval Racabi. All of them invested in their personal capacity.
Eyeblaster was founded in Israel in 1999, and prior to today’s announced funding, a seed round of $2 million was closed in 2000, followed by an $8 million investment by Insight Venture Partners.
Details in release here.