Mobile Communties In The US

AmericanVenture Magazine has an interview with Scott Driggers, CEO and Co-Founder of San Mateo-based Gemini about the possible launch of its service in the US or UK by the end of the year. Japanese telco Softbank Mobile already uses the firms eXplo platform to run its S! Town 3D virtual world, which has added 100,000 subscribers since its launch last November. It’s a fairly comprehensive interview about the market for mobile communities in the US, and Driggers emphasizes that each market is different and needs to be approached differently for success. One quote I liked: “So the carriers are developing a more sticky application, its really the first time that carriers have ever provided a service which is actually promoting the fact that many customers are on line at the same time. Usually wireless carriers are trying to migrate, through pricing plans or other incentives, people to use off peak hours or weekend hours, so this is really a unique opportunity for carriers to monetize their investment and their infrastructure.”