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AOL’s Winamp To Launch Mobile Music Streaming Service

Winamp has kept a fairly low profile since AOL bought the media player back in 1999, but it has been making up for lost time the past few months. Next week, Winamp will release a mobile extension of the Winamp Remote PC-to-PC streaming service it launched last November.
The PC-to-PC service let users access their entire media collections online. The main Winamp function allows users to watch videos and listen to Shoutcast’s 18,000 internet radio channels. The ad-supported service is free and can be accessed through the main online media player.
Winamp Remote on Mobile will work on handsets with a data plan, Web browser, and any kind of streaming media player: 3gp, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or Flash. The system streams at the optimal bitrate and format for the device the consumer is using. Additionally, users don’t have to install the service on their phone.
In a demonstration at AOL’s offices in New York, Matt Callaway, the product director of Winamp and Shoutcast, also highlighted the social net aspect of the service, noting that it allows users share streams of individual songs or playlists