Yahoo! oneSearch for mobiles

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Yahoo_go_onesearchYahoo! fired a shot across the USS Google today with a press release announcing the new Yahoo! oneSearch service. The mobile search interface is compatible with over 100 million mobile phones according to Yahoo! When I first read that, I figured the search giant was hitting up most of the Java-compatible phones; when I checked the compatibility page, there were 77 phones shown and most (if not all) were some type of smartphone device. After some digging the FAQs I found a page with other phones, but again, most were some type of smartphone.

Statistics aside, the interface looks nice and the new oneSearch has expanded beyond devices that could originally run the Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 app. The search technology seems a cross between contextual and menu-driven; I’ll have to give it a try to see how it compares to Windows Live for Mobile as well as Google’s mobile search page. Anybody give it a download yet that can share some experience?

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I used their “check your phone for compatibility” link to see if it was available for my Treo 700p and got a message “There are no plans to support Yahoo! Go 2.0 for your phone.” Considering their big push on the large number of phones that they plan to support, it seems like the Palm OS Treos are a pretty big omission…

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