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Screencast: Geektool Quickie

geektoolLast week I pointed to LifeHacker’s great rundown of Geektool. It’s one of those tools that just blends in and you sort of forget about it. This is just what I’d done, and thus had never really covered it here on The Apple Blog.

But following my pointer last week I had a request to show how it ultimately looks on the desktop. So I whipped up a little Screencast this morning covering the Geektool interface and how it looks when implemented.

Geektool ShowMe (5mins/49mb)

If you’re looking for some quick scripts to plug into Geektool to get up and running, you might check out this post at Mac Geekery.

9 Responses to “Screencast: Geektool Quickie”

  1. After reading the two articles here on TAB and the LifeHacker article I installed GeekTool and have been playing around with it for a while. I’ve come up with a pretty neat GeekTool display. I rounded up all the scripts/commands that I’m using and wrote a ‘little’ post about them. If you’re looking for things to customize GeekTool with then you might find my setup interesting.

  2. divigation

    Thanks again Nick for changing the way I compute. I have my desktop covered in GT text now. Currently running:

    processes, memory usage, disk usage, a couple of notes, twitter timeline, twitter friends’ statuses, and the TAB forum daily post to see when a new post hits the forum

    All nicely, unobtrusively updated on my desktop. It is wonderul. I had heard mention of GT but never looked into it, now I am hooked.

  3. Right on, thanks Nick. Since I first asked you about this, I have now setup some applescripts to pull itunes track information and am displaying that along with some modified top information. I haven’t yet played with the file or image parts of geektool yet but I think i am going to add my todo.txt to the desktop soon to keep that always showing todo list then use quicksilver to quickily update the todo list. Quicksilver and Geektool I think can be powerful allies to “getting things done”.

  4. I tried to set up the thing in Geektool that shows your Quicksilver tags on the desktop but couldn’t get it to work. Maybe you could show us how to that :)