Opera for U3 v9.1 now available


Opera_91_usbIs your idea of a mobile computing experience ‘super lightweight’, as in no mobile device, just a U3 USB drive to use on any computer you can find? That’s OK, I used to cut the handles off my toothbrushes for 50-mile backpacking trips, so I can relate. Lightweight travelers can head over to U3 Software Central and pull down Opera 9 for that USB drive which became available yesterday. Opera on a stick keeps that theme we had on our backpack trips: "Leave no cookies behind". If you want to travel really light, check out the U3 Software Central home page for a full complement of apps you can carry in your pocket.

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U3 is a fun idea, but it has also been known to do “fun” stuff like locking up machines etc. PortableApps is a better idea, I agree there. As for Opera 9.10, the best browser on the planet, a nicely portable version can be found at http://www.kejut.com/operaportable – it integrates nicely into the PortableApps launcher, but one has to place it in the proper directory on the USB stick manually before it shows in the menu. It works nicely in that it runs from the USB stick, installs itself into the temp directory, then when you close it all traces are deleted and everything you’ve done (bookmarks, history etc) gets saved back to the USB stick. Very nifty.

Chris Magnusson

Unfortunately, I deleted the U3 partition on my Sandisk Cruzer yesterday, as the U3 software does not yet work with Vista. I could use the space, anyways. ;-)


Nothing weird about the U3 format. It just uses a partition that emulates a CD/DVD drive so its start menu button will load automatically. Pretty useful for the average user.

Wiley Johnson

After reading about and comparing, I use Portable Apps(.com) for my lightweight traveling. It does not require a weird, specially formatted memory stick.

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