Grubb’s 8 Web to Mobile Tips

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It wasn’t until the end of Jonathan Grubb’s “how to mobilize your web product” presentation this morning at Rubyred Labs, that I realized where I recognized the co-founder of Rubyred and former Yahoo mobile developer — he went head to head with GigaTeam’s fearless leader for that Valleywag poll. Small web 2.0 world.

Anyway. Grubb designed mobile services for Yahoo and Vodafone and knows a thing or two about adding mobility to web services. When he’s not thinking about mobile (or inverting stuffed animals), he’s busy working on Rubyred’s first product called Satisfaction — a web-based “people-powered customer service” play for which the company is raising money. He had 8 words of advice (he’s got an OCD for lists with #8) for adding mobility to the web:

  1. Figure out how your product would be more useful if it wasn’t computer-based.
  2. Figure out where the web/computer aspect of your service fails.
  3. Figure out what aspect of the mobile device makes that feature better.
  4. Design your mobile product around this small set of features.
  5. Use the oldest technology possible to accomplish the task.
  6. Work on as many phones as possible.
  7. Back it up with a stripped down version of your desktop site.
  8. Or just let others do it for you.

Check out the full explanation on his personal blog. The presentation was set up by the fun-but-rainy Mobile MeshWalk.

1 Comment

Shannon Clark


Thanks for joining us for the morning part of the Mobile MeshWalk!

And for your readers – the rain cleared in the afternoon – we’ll have lots of photos uploaded soon!

And thanks to RubyRed and to Jonathan for an excellent start to the Design Crawl part of the Mobile MeshWalk!


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