Game Mag Confirms New Xbox 360

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Game Informer — the highest circulated video game magazine — confirms rumors in their upcoming April issue that a new, black Xbox 360 is coming some time next month. The new system — code named Zephyr — will feature a 120 GB hard drive, HDMI output, no internal HD-DVD support, and retail for approximately $479. Black accessories will also be made available upon release. Just last week, Microsoft declined GigaGamez’s request for comment on the rumored hardware.

There is one caveat to the claim, however. Gaming mags have an immature, inconvenient habit of running anything they want in their April issues as April Fools jokes. And the issue’s cover fails to promote this juicy announcement. That said, the publication’s senior editor confirmed the story in a statement made to Kotaku, also adding that Game Informer doesn’t run fake news in any of their issues.

According to the accuracy of the information, the $479 price tag is a bit perplexing. Demand for 360s has slowed in recent months even inviting criticism by some. The above specs would likely due little to spur overall sales. Exciting news for niche enthusiasts and hardware geeks, sure. But unless Microsoft drops the price of its current Premium model, don’t expect much of a business boost from this move.

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