CrunchGear picks the best travel notebooks

Macbookpro1I don’t know what the travel & computing requirements were, so I won’t be too judgmental here, but Blake Robinson lists his four top travel notebooks over at CrunchGear today. Each of the four finalists is a mobile powerhouse, so I’m thinking this is a near-desktop replacement list. As a result, you won’t see a device lighter than five pounds or so. Finalists included the Lenovo Thinkpad T60, the black MacBook, the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and the Alienware Area 51 m5790 Special Edition. The ‘winner’ was the same 15-inch MacBook Pro that I just bought a few weeks back; between that and a companion UMPC, you’re pretty much set for most tasks on the go.

Blake also experienced the disruptive nature of wireless broadband that we’ve been going on about for the past two years. He says, "Being able to use WWAN completely changed traveling for me and I’m forced to wonder how we ever managed without it." Welcome to mobile nirvana Blake!


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