Cellufun Receive $3 Million in First Round of Funding

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Cellufun, mobile game developer and gateway, received $3 million in funding from Longsworth Venture Partners. With this new funding, Cellufun is planning to further develop their offerings for the mobile market. Can the market support another gaming portal? With a bit of creativity and interesting products, absolutely.

Cellufun’s games are free to download and play in single player mode, but requires a subscription fee for multiplayer. That’s how the business works, and it’s a decent model to follow that is fairly popular in the casual gaming market. Popular as it is, will the pay for multiplayer model be enough? If they can manage to keep the page views up, then it definitely could be very profitable.

With over 2 million visits a month, someone has to be paying attention, and paying, Cellufun. Other than the basic pay for multiplayer income, there is also in-game advertising that is akin to product placement in movies and television. In-game advertising is easier than usual in this case, too, since all of the games are developed by Cellufun and not licensed titles as is the case with many other sites. It’s an interesting business angle that can definitely work out for them. I’m planning on having a talk with the men behind Cellufun next week, so stay tuned for more in-depth information.

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