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All About the Benjamins: Who

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That was the title of the panel today at the New Video Summit, part of the bigger VON conference going on in San Jose this week. I was moderating a panel today (not attending the main VON conference though) on business models in online video sector. The consensus of course was that it is a bit too early to decide on models, and it would probably take another 2-3 years until things become clearer in the sector.
Anyway, we had good panelists: Tara Maitra, VP Content Services, TiVo; Chris O’ Brien, CEO, Motionbox; Matt Sanchez, President, CEO, VideoEgg; and Josh Goldman, CEO, Akimbo, and excellent participation from the audience. A lively and wide-ranging discussion lasting above an hour.
The full audio can be streamed below, or can be downloaded as an MP3 here (28 MB, 1hr 10 mins):

3 Responses to “All About the Benjamins: Who”

  1. Shakir Razak

    Hi Rafat,

    Try talking to the guys at Forbidden Technologies (@Von07) about their products, Forscene and Clesh -they've got pretty crap visibility, but a solid platform, and are going for the higher-up fruit!

    Yours kindly,

    Shakir Razak

  2. fuentes

    Perhaps that is the summary? No one has a clue! (yet)…

    In large part because NO ONE is really investing in original content to-be-monetized in this space. Just a handful of attempts; all either as "tests" or terribly underfunded.

    But, with the Eisner's and Bochco's moving into town — and, some unique Independent alliances being formed to start populating the infrastructure that's been built — well, by Year's End, there will be some money being made here.

    Til then, it's a bunch of infrastructure fellows sitting and chatting, waiting for dinner to be served.