37signals Launches Highrise Contact Collaboration Manager

highrise contact managerAt the flick of a finger from team 37signals, the switch went live on Highrise yesterday afternoon. We dropped the news back in February that 37signals, the founders of the popular Basecamp project manager, were getting ready to launch a new online contact manager. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try it out back then, but have been playing with this online contact management tool as soon as we discovered the launch yesterday. We think it’s going to make a lot of people happy, especially those who are satisfied with 37signals’ other web applications.

Through Highrise, users can track all communication that occurs between business leads, employees, clients, and vendors, keeping tabs on who was spoken to and what was said. With the ability to have multiple users on a Highrise account, all information is securely stored and easily accessible by anyone that is plugged in. There are many benefits to using Highrise, of course the major one being sharing contact information company wide. Highrise also incorporates time-saving features like forwarding contact emails into contact accounts and receiving task reminders via email or as mobile alerts. If you are worried about communicating between other contact manager applications like Outlook, Highrise offers the ability to upload and download vCards.

We like the ease of use and simple interface design that 37signals employs in their products, and this approach is evident in Highrise. No need to read a manual, or struggle at figuring things out, everything this tool does is fairly simple to understand. Highrise also works nicely with other 37signals tools like Basecamp and Backpack, making it a well rounded suite of business tools.

Prices for Highrise accounts range from a free 2 user account with 25 contacts, to a $149/month unlimited user, 20GB of storage, and 50,000 contact accounts.


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