Why we won’t see Vista HID drivers for the original Q1 series


Vistagami_1I’ve been following the UMPC community with great interest as they try every trick in the book to get Vista drivers for the XP Tablet Edition based Samsung Q1s. I don’t begrudge anyone the right to run whatever operating system they want on their device; heck, regular readers know I’ve spent hours, days even, trying to get Vista up and running on my Q1. I’ve gone as far as I can go without officially supported Vista drivers and that’s good enough for now.

Today I see that folks tried the HID drivers from the Q1P for Vista on older Q1s but to no avail. I’m going to make a bold statement and in reality, I hope I’m wrong. Really, I want Samsung to prove me wrong on the following: I suspect we won’t see HID drivers for the original Q1s. There’s a few reasons on my guess, and it’s just a guess….

  1. Samsung has had the Q1P for Vista in process for at least two or three months. Even by starting with the base Q1 hardware, it takes at least that long to get a device tested and out to your retail channels. With all that time, why haven’t we seen HID drivers yet?
  2. Samsung is under no obligation to provide Vista drivers. While we all (myself included) want to run the latest and greatest, the devices were never advertised by Samsung as Vista Capable.
  3. Providing Vista drivers for the original Q1s, Q1Bs and Q1Ps could prove to be a support nightmare for Samsung; one that maybe they’re not willing to take. Think about it: some of these devices only have 512 MB of RAM. There are three different processors between the three units. It just becomes difficult to support a device when you have more and more configurations. They already support these three devices in various iterations with Windows XP Tablet Edition. Add Vista to the mix and you just doubled the number of system configurations you need to support.

Like I said up front, I truly hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see full Tablet functionality in Vista on my Q1P. For now, I’ll leave it in the dual boot setup with XP and Vista and keep waiting for Samsung to prove me wrong. Even if they don’t, I won’t hold it against them: they marketed a Windows XP Tablet device and that’s exactly what I have. Getting Vista 95% functional on it is icing on the cake for me.



Kamikun, Vista drivers won’t benefit XP users in anyway. Some of the tools have been redesigned for Vista and these new versions are better than what you are using on XP but I do not think that they will run on XP.


Kamikun, I’m trying to do my best, that’s all. :D Thanks!

Well, guys, I know now what is going on with HID Drivers in our Q1. Check my blog.


Complete noob type question here but did I read Ctitanic correctly as saying that even those who have not yet gone to Vista would benefit from the “Vista” drivers?

I have no plans to switch over on the Q1 to Vista but I am really tempted to try out the new drivers to see if there is any marginal improvements in performance. (For example, has anyone tried PhatWare’s PhatPad on the original Q1? On the PPC, PhatPad is wonderful and nothing can touch it in terms of replicating the look and feel of writing on paper. On the Q1 its response is so spotty that it’s practically unusable. And yes, I have “constant touch” at the lowest setting.)

And BTW- I say this with all sincerity and as a professional ESL instructor: I know that English is a second language for Ctitanic but has anyone else noticed that this whole Vista driver fracas has had a really positive effect on his English? Honestly, Ctitanic, I swear I can tell a difference in your posts now compared to just a few months ago. Like I tell students all the time, if you focus more on just using the language instead of trying to learn it, your proficiency will skyrocket. Thanks for the teachable moment. :)

Tax Man

Ooops! not enough letters, maybe “Vexing InStallation Trouble Assured” or perhaps “Vitally Information Still to Arrive”. They were right about the “Wow!” though. “Wow, this is hard to install!” “Wow, it’s pretty but, wow, some of my stuff isn’t working.” Finally, “Wow! CTitanic is sure working hard on getting those drivers to work!”

Tax Man

I’ve only just installed Vista on my Q1 but I think I know what the name stands for: “Vexing Installation Trouble Assured”


Kevin, is not an issue anymore with how the ink looks. It’s an issue with what you can get, see and use because of not having HID Support.

But like I said in my latest post at my blog, we know already what is causing the problem and we are working in how to get it right. And one thing is for sure… the one causing the whole problem is that same TouchPack kit that you are trying to use to fix the problem. ;)


Thanks Tax Man, but that’s not the end of that. We keep trying and we are going to get it right. ;)

Kevin C. Tofel

HID is Human Interface Device. You know, similar to the hole in the back of Neo’s head in the Matrix? ;) Seriously, it’s the device driver that’s needed for the touchscreen unit to be recognized as a true tablet in the OS.

Actually, anyone who isn’t liking the ink sampling on a Q1 should check the tweak I posted last year. http://jkontherun.blogs.com/jkontherun/2006/11/constant_touch_.html

It doesn’t take the place of HID drivers of course, but you can visually see the ink difference by working with the Constant Touch setting.


Mike, it’s not the way the ink looks kind of issue, it’s an issue with the OS not recognizing your UMPC as a Tablet PC and due to that you are not gaining access to all the Tablet PC features included under Vista. We are talking about processes as important as learning from your handwriting to give you an idea.

Mike Cane

*sigh* As usual, I’m out of the loop and the last to know. HID — is that the universal interface for Bluetooth devices?

Having molested the hell out of a Q1 with XP installed, I find the HWR works fine even if the ink feedback looks like hell (the trick is to ignore the ink and watch the wee recognition box underneath!). I guess if I wanted to use something like inking in OneNote, the way the ink looks would worry me. But if I’m not going to use inking in OneNote, are there other objections to just using an XPed Q1?


BTW, I also would like to invite all Q1 owners that want to install Vista to start using the Q1p Vista drivers. You will get a lot more than if you stay using the old drivers.


Well, Kevin, I’m not expecting anything from Samsung at this point. But… at this moment using the Q1p drivers I got everything working in my Q1 but the HID Driver as you noticed from my post at my blog. But… when I wrote that note I did not have all the information I have at this moment.

We have been making a big mistake reintalling the Touchkit after installing all the drivers from the Q1p. I wont enter in any details yet because I still in the process of testing everything and making it work. But I can tell you one thing at this moment. We have everything that it’s needed to get our Q1 with HID Driver support. The only problem is that we still don’t know how to make it work. But… I certain that we can make it work.

I’ll write a note with all my findings later today. We will make it work with or without Samsung and at this moment I will say that I’m closer than ever to make it work without Samsung. It’s just a matter of time.


That’s the only thing I need for my Q1P is the HID drivers. I have formated my drive and removed Tablet Edition and have gone full Vista. Like Kevin said hopefully Samsung will release the Vista drivers for the Q1P; if anything just the HID would good enough. Maybe we can some how get the BIOS version and restore DVD from the new Vista Q1P released and try it on our Q1’s.

Tax Man

I hear what you are saying. I’d probably add another reason. Samsung hoped to sell 100,000 Q1’s and fell short of the goal. I can’t imagine why they would go out of their way to offer the same user experience on last year’s model whew they’ve got new ones to sell! I finally joined the Vista “social”: No dual boot for me! so far, so good. Those extra drivers that the guys put on the web and the registry hack to tell Vista it’s a tablet are working pretty well.

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