Use a regular phone to make free phone calls with magicJack


MagicJack USBWhat comes in a USB stick and lets you plug a regular phone into a jack to make free high-quality phone calls?  Why magicJack, of course.  The magicJack USB device has a regular phone jack on the back into which you plug your phone and off you go.  The service rolls out in next month so you’ll have to wait until then to buy your magicJack.  You get full features like caller ID, call forwarding and waiting.  It’s not clear how international calls might be charged so you might still need Skype for that, and the magicJack service can’t handle 911 emergency calls, either.

MagicJack features

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Ken Goen

Click on my name in above message to take you to the MagicJack FAQ website. Did not know how this site posted messages. Did not allow post inside of message. However, my name will take you there. Click on Ken Goen.

Ken Goen

For all of you that are having trouble getting around the MagicJack web site, I have a direct link to help you. Go to link above for a direct connection to magicjack FAQ. This link has answers for returns, and other questions you might want to have answered.

I hope the above will help all you that visit this website.


hello i came across this magic jack pls can it work in nigeria i want to know thnks

Daniel Hocker

WILL THE MAJIC JACK WORK WITHOUT A LAND LINE> No telephone line installed in my house. All I have is a cell phone. Thanks


Program is freezing My Computer….
How do you uninstall? Using XP Home,Get back to me on this if you will..

Rodney Lewis

The web site has a link to something called fix it, it solved my problem getting the devise to work, it only took about 10 minutes. One of the problems I see with the service is you will probably not be able to get a local phone number to use, which makes the service not very practicle.

Michael WELLS

Excited about product…BUT no service area to contact for install issues. OUCH!
Does not work with a MAC, Yet need to download some upgrade using a Microsoft PC! Will not operate with my internet connections of either AOL. SAFARI, NETSCAPE, ! Since I Do Not own a PC please send me the
upgrade for MAC in a CD format, or make it available to download for a Mac! to install into my 10.4.11 Macbook.
Would love to use your reliable functioning product but at this point, it
has been marketed without through R&D. If you can not assist me please refund my $40 and when MAC is reliable to implement I will re purchase.
Thank You….Hope you will follow up make good on offer and help a prepaid customer.
My Email address and information is on file for you to respond. LETS DO IT !

Don Pym

Add me to your e-mail list and send me updates on your service. I spend $30.00 a month for absolutely basic service, upon which I have a 3 minutes per penny card (3000 minutes for $10.00, only usable from NE)
That’s about $35.00 per month (*69 & local calls) and $10.00 per year making the total of $430.00 per year.
Update me as you work out the kinks. Particularly keeping my original phone numbers.

Ken Gunderman

I want to know how to hook this up so that I don’t have to have all my relatives re enter my Magic Jack number. Or at least give us a reasonable estimate on when we will be able to use our existing phone numbers instead of a magicjack number. Until then this thing will sit on a shelf somewhere. I don’t want to keep switching my phone line back and forth so that friends and relative can call.

Prince Gilbert

How does this work? Do you allocate a phone number to the device(Magic Jack)?
Do you have the capability to port an existing number?
Do you have phone support for Tech support or how do we get help?
Can i call international on this device?
Is it possible to use this device for fax?

I will appreciate your immediate response. Thanks

Paul Raborn

I hope that you are on the level with this phone jack, you have alot of negative comment please answer my email & let me know that this ishonest phone that works. I bought it I hope I don’t get stuck with a dude Paul



Global Web

When you go thru the sign up process, the number assigned to you will be displayed. You will also get this in the confirmation email

Doris Taylor

I cant get this thing to work. It won’t ring into my phone. There is no place I can go to to get this corrected. I am getting sick and tired of looking for help, thinking there is somewhere I missed for help. D

Shug Avery

From what I just read I wouldn”t buy this grabbage even if it is so called free,I see what your scam is. You make no customer service numbers available, you post no address to your company which I find very strange because everyone does not have a credit card, your marketing are missing out on millions of dollars in direct payments alone. This is a 30 day free trial, why do you need my credit card number now? I would like to send the postage in if that’s what you need it for but that’s not it you are gonna hit those cards up front before the 30 is up and give them hell getting there money back. I can tell by the web questions you got more negative than positive remarks. No thanks if you were on the level you would post the answers so the people can see you taking care of business. You are going down the drain Magic Jack. If you were honest you would tell the truth: Dear Customers: please note your magic Jack will only do the following things:
Will only work with windows.
Will only work in the first computer you plug into
Will only work with one phone and some brands won’t.
Will not work with certain internet servers.
We do not have a customer service department as of today.

In other words drop the scam, return my money and you will be hearing from my lawyer, People we got stuck with 56 of those things and only 8 work.


I love the majic jack i purchased 2 of them and i recommended a friend who also purchase 2 i sent one in my country and the quality is nice i save a lot on phone card.Since it is a beta i think there’s improvement to be made the only problem i have encounter is that i can’t transfer it into another computer that has a different window on it i have a laptop and a desktop one has window xp and the other vista since i originaly install it on the vista i cannot use it on the xp i am force to leave it on the laptop but i needed to put it on the desktop.

andrew hecht

can i use only one phone plugged into my computer and thats all??

Richard Fugazzi

I am a fulltime RVer and it has occured to me that this device could be a great cost saver for RVers. We host in different parks during the year. If this device works as well as advertised I may be interested in being a distributor. Is that possible?

I plan on ordering one for the 30 day evaluation.

Richard Fugazzi

Ralph Copenhaver

My magicJack was working fine with my portable phone and suddenly today I can’t call using the phone keypad. If I use the on screen keypad the portable phone works fine. I substituted a standard corded handphone and it calls out just fine with it’s keypad. The portable phone works just fine on the land line.

Pam Burns

Dear sir,
Two quick questions please…..
1. Can only one phone in your house be
plugged into the magicjack and work? We have
one in our bedroom and one in the kitchen and one upstairs.
2. I noticed both positive and negative
comments on this website. What can you tell
me about the negative comments?

PLEASE respond! Thanks! PAM BURNS

Global Web

Only one phone can be plugged in the MagicJack device. I purchased one my self for home phone use and it works great. Since there is a limitation of a one-phone plug-in, my wife and I bought a 5 station cordless phone setup, where there is one base station and 4 satellite stations. The base station is the only device in this group that hooks to the phone line. We now have 5 handsets that share the line and they all work great, as long as our Internet is up and running fine. but this will be a requirement no matter what VoIP product you use


Can i send this to UK to my sister – so she can call me here in USA for free?
Wht do u think ?

Nancy Mitchell

We registered our Magic Jack and had to choose an area code from another city. We were then given a new phone number. We tried calling our cell phone from our home phone but had to include our local area code to get the call through. Then we tried calling our newly assigned home number from our cell phone and the call doesn’t go through. What’s wrong?

Melike Myers

Worst voice quality. Can not communicate. No phone number to call for tech support.

Melike Myers


All I get is a busy tone dialing out or someone calling me,,,it don’t ring. Where can you get help?

Karen Collins

I ordered my magic jack and I loved it so much that I ordered one for each of my children. We all love our magic jacks. The quality of the calls is as good or better than any other VOIP we have used. We plan on giving them to everyone we know as stocking stuffers this holiday season. I cannot think of a better gift than a wonderful money saver. I would say to anyone thinking about this product to put one on your shopping list. How could you go wrong? The install process is a snap and it works with your regular analog phone with any high speed connection. LOVE MY MAGIC JACK!!
Karen and Crew

Gale Blakeman

My magic jack works like a charm. I have AT&T voip and I cannot tell the difference EXCEPT in the price. I love mine!

Mary N

My magic jack is not working, and you instructions are not good enough. You should have some to call and get better info. How do I go about sending this back.

esma rakic

Mr. Borislow
The majic jack I purchased recently thru your web site is not working.If this problem is not resolved soon I like to get refund back.Thank you,Please respond.

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