Tracy’s not a UMPC convert just yet


Student_tablet_pc_logoTracy Hooten over at The Student Tablet PC blog might be having second thoughts about the UMPC platform. Back in September, she wrote a very lucid post with solid personal observations on why she didn’t see the need for a UMPC. She definitely had some valid points and as we always say: personal computing is a personal choice. Sounds like Tracy might be rethinking her personal choice, or at least, she’s starting to see where a UMPC could be very useful in lieu of a larger mobile computing device, especially in terms of a device for a student. All in all a great read if you’ve been considering between a UMPC and a larger device; it’s always good to get perspective from someone who isn’t yet a ‘convert’. Her thoughts also stress another key point: get your hands on a device if you can before you purchase it because you might see it in a different light. While you read her post, we’ll keep working to bring Tracy over to the UMPC side. ;)

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