Top 10 free Mac downloads: Lifehacker


Lifehacker_logoFirst, I have to thank you for so many comments to my "killer Mac app" question. You’ve all given me much to think on, download and try. This must be a popular theme because Lifehacker recently put together their favorite ten Mac downloads. The icing on the cake is that all ten of them are free; while I have no issue paying for software that solves a problem, free is always good too. Oddly enough, Quicksilver was at the tops of their list; an app that I had previously heard of and the same app that many of you recommended. Looks like I need to get off my duff this week and give it a try. After that, there’s nine more freebies on Lifehacker’s list so don’t stop at the first one. The timing of the list is perfect since the older blogger here has a new Mac on the way….more to follow, I’m sure. Well, as long as his memory doesn’t fail; and I don’t mean the RAM. :)

Special thanks to jezlyn for sending me the Lifehacker story via Twitter!

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