Sean “wild boy” Parker Returns


Silicon Valley’s bad boy Sean Parker is back in the start-up game. The 28-year-old, who in the past has been associated with fast growing Internet phenomena such as Napster, Plaxo and Facebook, is working on an ultra stealthy start-up that is going to be tackling the “activism” space.

We picked up this rumor over the weekend while chatting with some Silicon Valley insiders. We admit we are short on details, but are digging hard for more information, and will be updating the post as we find out more information. The company hasn’t decided on a name just yet, and will launch later this summer, our sources say.

seanparker.gifParker was a co-founder at Napster and then at Plaxo, and later founding president at Facebook. He left the college-focused social network in 2005, and recently joined San Francisco-based The Founders Fund, a venture capital fund started by Peter Thiel, who in past life had co-founded PayPal.

Though he is still a managing partner at Founders Fund, Parker is currently rumored to be devoting all his energies on this new company. Parker is a colorful fella, often subject of speculative gossip in Silicon Valley. Why else would we be talking about him on the weekend, right? Regardless, there is no denying that he has a knack for smelling opportunity, especially when it comes to the consumer Internet.

He often finds viral-growth business opportunities – a trait three of his more known endeavors share. If he has figured out a similar opportunity in the “activism” space, then it might turn out to be a worthy cause.



“Silicon Valley insiders”? This was announced at a public event at Stanford on February 15h.

Rick Barber

I agree with Numair and Om, like it or not Sean Parker has a damned good eye for trends. I’ve often said that between this and Peter’s ability to forecast commodities markets, they could run a psychic reading business.

Om Malik


why is it interesting: well whatever anyone thinks of Sean, he is a good trend spotter and is someone who has been pretty accurate in picking out what could be big next.

Why is this news? Come on in the same way Gary Sheffield’s next team is news – this is news as well.

Om Malik


it is not a case of mistaken identity. I am talking about the one who has been involved with Facebook etc.

Hope that clarified.


What is this new category ‘activism’? Web 2.0 and its term never end to dazzle me !!

Numair Faraz

I was going to contribute an informative comment, but your immature and pointless graphic pretty much eliminated my desire to do so. Just sayin’.

Oh, and Kevin Murphy — criticism, from a guy who runs a blog called “Texturbation”? You can’t possibly be serious…

I really don’t understand why all of the bloggers feel a need to paint Parker as a “bad boy.” Large numbers of Silicon Valley executives could be easily labeled “alcoholic douchebags,” but I don’t see any of that happening … What gives? He isn’t young enough for you to hate him solely based on his age, so I’m thinking it’s just a general desire to find some sort of tabloid-type story to increase the traffic?

Kevin Murphy

Why is this news, Om?

This insignificant little git is of no more interest than being an also-ran in three badly failed start-ups.

That’s hardly a qualification for coverage by a serious news organization.

Just by covering this idiot, you’re endorsing a non-entity, because he has certain keywords on his resume.

Being a “bad boy” is not interesting. Anybody can be a “bad boy”. Invite me to your next party and I promise I will be a bigger cock than any Napster-founding tosser could ever manage.

Rise above. Cover interesting. Not cocks.


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