Raon Digital Vega sequel in the works

Raon_digital_vega_part_2Remember that plucky little brick of a handheld with the stellar battery life we reviewed in January? The Raon Digital Vega was mighty mite in terms of runtime, but wasn’t super-computer powered with an AMD Geode LX800 under the hood. Still, we found it to be quite usable and now we hear of a successor to the original Vega. No word on specs, price or availability, but it sounds official since Jenn got word straight from the company. While we ponder and wait to see what the next model will offer, why not post thoughts on what you’d like to see? Let’s keep it within the physical confines of the current Vega model; a small handheld with a 4.3-inch screen. Would you beef the specs but still keep the unit well under a grand or would you go hog-wild with a Sony UX competitor?


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