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La. high school replacing books with MacBooks

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High School LaptopsSome students attending Bolton High School in Alexandria, Louisiana, will be carrying around an Apple notebook computer next school year instead of textbooks as part of the parish’s first Digital Academy.

An article in The Town Talk says that “students in Bolton’s gifted program plus all 11th-graders and the majority of 12th graders won’t be issued textbooks but will be given an Apple iMac computer on the first day of school.”

I think writer Mandy M. Goodnight probably confused iMac with MacBook (somehow) as it would be strange to ask the kids to carry around a 15-20 lb. desktop computer all day (though the weight differential of the books wouldn’t be that much). And in the photo accompanying the story, the English class getting acquainted to the computers appears to be using MacBooks.

The school’s principal is excited about being on the cutting edge, saying “This is the wave of the future. We are excited to be able to offer this to our students.”

The students also seem to be liking the change. “It is much easier to use a computer than textbooks,” said 15-year-old Eric Pantallioin. (I agree with Eric. I’ve always found textbook screens too sharp and their battery life too long.)

And although the school is using two grants and state reward money to pay for the new program, that hasn’t stopped detractors in the forum. According to poster know-it-all, “Books worked just fine when I was in school … Sounds like someone has more money than brains giving a $700 to $1000 pc to kids!”

I guess one thing know-it-all doesn’t know is that new Apple laptops are never as inexpensive as $700.

Bolton students getting laptops instead of textbooks

7 Responses to “La. high school replacing books with MacBooks”

  1. I think that collge students using laptops instead of text books is a great idea and will be more cost effiicent in the long run. I disagree with grade school, middle, and high school students being provided laptops I have three children of my own and know how careless children can be. I feel this will be a waist of money for children that don’t use, or need computer access very much.And when high school students do use the web for reaserach of sumthing of the sort it is minimal as compared to a college student that uses internet access daily. Some of the students in my classes bring their own laptops from home and take notes, do research, etc.

  2. “I guess one thing know-it-all doesn’t know is that new Apple laptops are never as inexpensive as $700.”

    You would be surprised if you buy a large quantity for education

  3. It’ll be very interesting to see how this all pans out. I’m attending college right now and sometimes professors just give links to online versions of our textbook which side-steps the significant cost of texts book (like average 60-$100+) but at the same time brings up a problem of reading the textbook on a computer screen. At least in my experiences, either reading Course Reserves or actual textbooks, I can read for hours out of textbooks studying without my eyes wiggin’ out whereas if I was reading it on the computer screen I could hardly do it longer than 45 minutes. Maybe its just me.