I Want My Apple TV

Shortly after Steve Jobs formally introduced the Apple TV at MacWorld San Francisco this January, I did what any good Mac aficionado would do. I plunked down my credit card and bought one, using the proceeds I had gained from playing the MacWorld hype in Apple stock.

Before noon Pacific Time on January 9th, I received an order acknowledgment from the Apple Store, saying the Apple TV would ship on February 28th, and be delivered by March 6th. As we all now know, Apple has experienced delays in producing the device, and those of us extremely early adopters are still waiting. Heck, the new and improved Airport Extreme Base Station I ordered the same day, at the same time, has already been humming along for the better part of a month at home, waiting for its TV-focused counterpart.

Meanwhile, I keep running into new ways to use the Apple TV, if I had one. As the music side of the iTunes Store did, starting slowly, over time iTunes’ TV offerings continue to get better and better. Now, if I miss a show, I’m not heading to YouTube or BitTorrent to find it, but iTunes is my first stop. And while watching the show on my 15-inch PowerBook is fine, presenting it to our home flatscreen would be much better indeed.

Last week, I noted how some shows, like NBC’s Andy Barker P.I., are debuting a full season on iTunes, even before they have aired on traditional TV. Fox’s “The Winner”, featuring Rob Corrdry, formerly of the Daily Show, went the same route. I purchased the full season, and have already seen three episodes. Meanwhile, this evening, I found out I missed FX’s premiere of “The Riches”, with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. Sure enough, a quick search on iTunes got me exactly what I wanted. The availability of good content is being solved, but the connection to the TV is still missing, even as the Apple Store online now says it will ship Tuesday, March 20th.

Apple has a mega-hit with the iPod – a game changer that has put the company on the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to innovative tech companies, whether they be PC users or Macolytes. While we still wait for the debut of the iPhone later this year, Apple TV could be Apple’s next home run. We can’t wait to get our hands on it. Soon, please.