Digital Cube i-Station G43 UMPC- the name’s bigger than the device


G43The 4.3 inch Digital Cube i-Station G43 has been announced and further blurs the definition of a UMPC.  I’ll bet the 800 x 480 resolution that is the norm for UMPCs will look pretty good on a 4.3 inch screen.  The G43 runs the AMD Geode LX800/900 which is a 500 MHz and sports Windows XP, which is just fine for the slower processor.  You can get the G43 with either a 30 or 60 GB hard drive (I’d get the 60 GB if I were you) which is more than you need for mobile computing.  The inclusion of a trackpad is a nice touch for easy interaction.  The G43 is reported to be released in Korea this summer for about $700 which is a pretty nice price indeed.

(via engadget)



The screen looks too shiny for it to feature a touch screen. Not a true UMPC IMO if the touch screen is left out.


it certainly looks like a more refined raon digital vega…though I’d probably prefer the trackstick over a trackpad for a device this size. looking forward to more specs

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