One Way to $10K: Subway Pole-Dance Vid

As modern poet and child-care expert Chris Rock once noted, fathers have just one important job: You gotta keep your daughter off the pole. Failing that, keep her off the pole on the Internet. Failing that: Therapy bills.

So it’s with a bemused “sorry daddy” that we point you to the winners of DareJunkies’ $10,000 challenge — a contest that asked viewers to respond to challenges, film those responses, and then post the video to (Jackson interviewed the site’s founder, Ben Bacal, back in December). The vid with the most votes from the DareJunkies community wins ten large.

The challenge that inspired this month’s winners: “We’d like to see some pole dancing but don’t have the time to get to the local strip hut. What’s that? Neither do you, ladies? In that case how about giving us a little pole dance show at any place you can find a pole. A stop sign, a tow away zone or even the firehouse will do. Just find the right piece of metal and make a dance partner out of it. The good news is you don’t have to even get naked for this one, but like our grandpa once said; “The more skin, the better”. Sorry for this one, mom!”

The response came from a user called isismasoud — according to her profile, she’s inspired by “a beautiful day, a great piece of art, really deep intellectual debate about life” — who convinced her friends to pole dance on the New York City subway:

That’s good stuff, and well-edited. According to the good folks at DareJunkies, the girls have already been approached by directors, TV producers and agents who are interested in their, ahem, acting ability. Don’t worry baby, every agent has an office in a motel room, I swear.


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