Computer in a keyboard makes for a mobile desktop


All_in_one_pcSure, you need some kind of external monitor, but this could be called a desktop that you carry around like a notebook. It also reminds me of my ol’ Commodore 64, but it’s a tad more powerful. The Cybernet All-in-One PC looks like a thick keyboard, but it actually houses a full computer under the keys. You can cram an Intel Pentium IV along with up to 2 GB of RAM, 2.5-inch hard drive and an optical drive. There’s plenty of ports to keep you computing as well; if they could just mount a projector on the front, you wouldn’t even need a display; just boot up your ‘keyboard’ in front of a wall and get computing!

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I’m thinking Commodore 64, the Tandy TRS-80, both of which I owned. Really this form factor isn’t a new concept by any stretch, but it’s interesting to see a return to a retro design but upgraded to meet today’s computing needs. I think it’s a great alternative for people who may be a bit intimidated by all the cabling, etc. necessary in a traditional desktop setup.

Kevin White

Wow, it’s the A500/A1200 all over again! (non-uber-geek americans are probably going, what? I’m sure UK/europeans are having fond memories…)

Fabian Dietrich

When I was there they said it starts at approx. 750 Bucks, which is a bad price. I mean, think about it: Maximum 3 Ghz Pentium 4, no dualcore, 512 megs of ram standard, and the keyboard just sucks! The Mac Mini plus keyboard costs less than that, has a Core 2 Duo CPU, 1 Gig of RAM standard, and it’s from a company that could afford a booth larger than 4 square meters (apple wasn’t at cebit though)! It’s a no-no for me, even though there was one thing I liked: Boot times were extremely good, less than 20 seconds on xp.


Looks like a big fat notebook with no screen and no concern for energy efficiency. It better be cheap.

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