Asus T83 UMPC / Tablet: video and more specs


Asus_t83More news is surfacing on the Asus T83 UMPC; or is it a small convertible Tablet PC? Semantics aside, the additional info is interesting as is the roughly five minute video. I’m a little leery of some things said in the video, most notably the 6- to 8-hour runtime. I realize this is a low-powered Via 1.0 GHz processor unit, but I’m a bit skeptical at the moment. As Bjorn notes in his post, five hours is more reasonable. The T83 is fanless, which will keep the noise and power drain down but my own experience with fanless devices is that run really hot to the touch. Since I use my UMPC primarily in my hands, I’ll be curious to see how hot the new Asus will run.

The inclusion of a PCMCIA slot makes sense for the mobile set, but it was said many times in the video that the device is geared for the education market. I’m not saying that kids don’t have a need to be mobile, but how many do you know that have a 3G PC Card modem? Let’s see how the Asus T83 comes in at price; expected availability is 3Q of this year.



i’m hoping the price of the q1b goes down with the release of the q1 ultra. unfortunatley, i think i saw a pre-order somewhere for the q1 ultra at just under $1,500 meaning q1b will stay the same price. all i want is a 7″ screen device that will do web browsing via wifi, view pdfs, media, and docs/spreadsheets through external keyboard at a small pricepoint. if the archos 704 wifi just had a mouse function and ran open office it would be perfect.

Don't Panic!

Sounds better and better. I’m torn though. I currently use a Q1 with organizer pack with just about the same specs as the prototype t83 and it has really increased my producity at work. But the the Q1p with Vista and 1GB of RAM sounds like it would speed things up even more.

Being an early adopter cn be a drag sometimes. The Q1p with Vista is already out and the t83 with XP might come out in Q3 this year. I hope ASUS at least beefs up the RAM on the t83 before they release it to the academic world.

Don't Panic!

The more I see of it the more I like it. I just wonder though, will it close like a clamshell or is the screen always on top?

Robert Irving

Warm? 3.5 watts won’t even register. I have a Via-powered home server and have to look at the hd light to check if its on or not

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