Asus R2H and Vista drivers: not quite perfect


Asus_r2hOver at Gotta Be Mobile, Warner’s been arm-wrestling with trying to get the new Vista drivers up and running on his Asus R2H. I’d liken his approach to my ‘brute force’ method on the Q1 last year, but he’s got the benefit of drivers from Asus. In part one of his Vista excursion, he covers the list of drivers which is good, but there’s little documentation from Asus that provides insight as to what is what. Truth-be-told, Samsung could improve in this area as well.

Part two covers some utilities that Warner hasn’t installed just yet, but at this point, he should have a fully functional Vistagami device. Unfortunately, there’s a few remaining issues; two of which are similar to what I’ve seen on the Q1 as they both revolve around the display: screen resolution switching and a timeout on the digitizer. Perhaps there’s a registry key for the Asus similar to the Q1 that will help?

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