Apple TV: Big Boon for Indie Video


Apple TV, the much awaited television attachment device from Apple, is going to be a major boost for the video blogger community, according to industry experts attending the New Video Summit in San Jose, California. The two-day event is running in parallel with the Spring VON.

“(Internet video) is getting some interest from our customers, and people do seem to want Internet content on their television,” says Josh Goldman, chief executive office at Akimbo, a company that aggregates content and distributes it using progressive downloads.

NTV moderated an early morning panel, Field of Dreams: Are Viewers Really Watching? that was attended by Dina Kaplan of Blip.TV, Robert Petty of ROO Group and Dmitry Shapiro of Veoh. “The impact of Apple TV is going to be pretty big,” says Kaplan. Roo Group’s Petty agreed and said that 2007 will be the year when we are going to start to see the marriage of traditional television screen and the Internet content.

In a note to his clients, Jonathan Hoopes, an analyst with investment firm ThinkEquity wrote:

“As a digital media content delivery vehicle positioned in users’ living rooms, we think the AppleTV/iTunes combination could become as disruptive to legacy video purchase-and-consumption behavior as the iPod/iTunes combination has been to the traditional music business model.”

Dave Winer has a rather interesting analysis of AppleTV, DRM and the future of online video downloads.


Brian Andrews

Finally, the word is starting to get out. This initial 1.0 release of Apple TV is not going to revolutionize the way people watch big studio movies or even TV shows.

As it has been said before, why pay $15 for a cripped version of a Hollywood movie?

Apple TV is going to be a revolution for independent filmmakers, video producers, video bloggers and podcasters. Now we have a path directly into the family room. You no longer have to fight for distribution on DVD and getting one or two copies in blockbuster and then fighting for eyeballs. is 100% geared toward the indie producer and we can’t wait for Apple TV to allow our great content to be viewed on the “small big screen”.

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