Bochco’s ‘Confessions’ Begins Airing On Metacafe

Over the past two decades, Steven Bochco’s productions shared a network with programming like The Cosby Show and Cheers. Now, with Bochco’s first internet venture on Metacafe, which starts running today, his productions are going to be placed alongside videos with titles like Gorilla Prank and Russian Wedding Catfight.
As we reported back in November, Bochco has a deal with the Palo Alto-based viral video company to produce short-form videos. The first result: Café Confidential, a channel within Metacafe. The series includes 44 clips (at least 15 of which were available Monday morning) of people in their 20s and teens revealing semi-confessional stories under headings like My Craziest Day At Work, My First Time, My Weird Family, and so on. Each clip is roughly 12 minutes long.
The LAT reports that Bochco, who has won 10 Emmy Awards for his television work