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Amp’d Announces Canada Launch, Also Japan Launch

Amp’d has finally issued a press release about its launch in Canada last week. I’m not saying they forgot, but…
The release includes details of the companies plans and content initiatives, focusing on content created for Amp’d, exclusive licenses and user-gen stuff. The exclusive partnerships include MuchMusic, the NHL Players Association, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross. Other content providers include The Score, MTV Canada, The CBC, Musique Plus, Musimax, 33 Mag, Adult Swim, E!, Comedy Time, Universal Music Canada, Warner Music Canada, and Fox Sports. It also has a studio in Toronto to develop local content — Amp’d CEO Peter Adderton has put forward the companies studios as a main differentiating factor, so it’s good to see them doing the same thing in other markets. Amp’d is having two weeks of “studio sessions” by various artists to kick off the service. Finally, single track downloads are 99c Canadian, the same price as iTunes Canada. (release)
UPDATE: Amp’d also launched in Japan earlier this month, offering content in Japanese or in English with Japanese subtitles. One example: “The Big League Report provides real-time baseball reports covering Japanese players in the US from sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe.”
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